9 SIMONA participants travelled to Harkany in order to discuss and implement the SIMONA sampling methodology in the field, specifically in the Drava Test Area. The participants were our PPs from Slovenia (SI-GEOZS), Hungary (HU-SZIE and HU-OVF) and Austria (AT-AIT) together with our reference laboratory Bálint Analitika representative and our external expert from Environment Agency Austria (EAA). The consequences of COVID_19 outbreak are still felt and thus prevented the participation of all Drava workgroup members. The sampling took place at 9 sampling sites in the vicinity of Harkany and Szigetvár, in the period from 4th until 7th August 2020. During this action, the SIMONA Sediment Sampling Protocol was tested, together with the sampling equipment preselected at the Harkany meeting in July. On the last day of sampling action, the sediment samples were taken to the SIMONA reference laboratory, where it will be processed for laboratory analysis. The next step is developing the laboratory analysis plan. The successful completion of the first test area sampling, out of 3 gives the necessary stimulus for the remaining 2 test area sampling, as well as for the entire SIMONA project implementation struck with the global pandemic. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)