REDISCOVER - Windows of Celebration


Project REDICOVER: expose and exploit the concealed Jewish heritage of the Danube Region aims at capitalizing on this legacy by creating value in social cohesion, tourism potential and cultural abundance.

Following the aims of the project, we deliver this book to the Dear Reader in which the history of making the exceptional stained glass windows of the famous synagogue in Szeged is described; furthermore, the importance and the rich symbolism of the building is uncovered and the significance of its builder is highlighted.

The Lead Partner of the project, Municipality of Szeged, wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the Jewish Community of Szeged to successfully accomplish the main objectives of the project, safeguarding tangible and intangible Jewish cultural heritage for the upcoming generations. Furthermore, Lead Partner wishes to express gratitude to Tibor Fényi, director of Miksa Róth Memorial House, Budapest, to restorators Károly Payer and Károly Sós, to researchers Viktória Bányai and Balázs Fényes for their help to compile this book. 

Windows of Celebration

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)