KnowING IPR - policy round table: IPR - Catalyst, not a barrier


On the 17th of June, REDASP hosted D2.2.1 KnowING IPR policy round table: IPR - Catalyst, not a barrier.

Participants, representatives of local, regional, and national stakeholders were discussing current state in the country in regard to IPR, level of awareness of its importance and capacities, and fields for improvements. Apart from REDASP representatives, who gave an introductory speech and presented the project, panelists were from the University of Kragujevac, Business innovation center, Office for Intellectual property rights of the Republic of Serbia, and Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

It was especially emphasized that Serbia has the longest tradition, of all the countries in the Danube region, when it comes to intellectual property and its protection, for a whole century. Serbian Intellectual Property Office as such has changed its form and name, but it has been doing this important "job" for 99 years and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in November.



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)