D2C - Paradox of today


The COVID-19 pandemy is a reason of cancelling of the Dare to Connect project partners meeting in Romanian Iron Gate Natural Park, planned in April. It is sad, but inevitable as far we are facing the most dangerous threat since World War II.

Anyway, from the D2C's point of view it is symbolic situation. The project is focused on connecting gaps in the European Green Belt, whose roots came from disconnected, divided Europe.
Today, Europe is connected  and united, but one of defences against COVID-19 is disconnection again, what is a reason of almost hermetic closure of borders. Again, after 30 years of free movement. 

However, today we know that this closure is only temporary, not like 70 years ago. We know we'll fight off the pandemy and open borders again! 



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)