URBforDAN - Presenting at the first croatian expert conference on urban forestry


Team from Croatia breaking new ground


There’s something going on in urban forest management! Not everything comes directly from URBforDAN project for sure, but we are currently participating in urban forest events and presenting our international expertise. And now the URBforDAN team from Croatia is particularly happy about the organization of the first expert conference about Urban forestry in Croatia. Urban forest expert within the URBforDAN Croatian forests ltd team, Damir Dramalija, was presenting possibilities of financing activities and operations in the urban forestry emphasising on resources from EU funds. On the example of our Interreg project URBforDAN, he described all the steps in the developing of the project from concept and preparation to application and realisation of the project. Urban forest expert within the URBforDAN Croatian forests ltd. Team, Izabela Kuzle, and URBforDAN external expert and professor on Faculty of forestry Zagreb, Stjepan Posavec, presented the aims and guidelines of strategic management in the „Park forests – city of Zagreb”.


Trends on urban forestry in Europe and wider


The conference was opened by Professor Ivica Tikvić, and introduction speeches were held by academic Igor Anić and the head manager of subsidiary Osijek, Vlado Jumić. Through 28 presentations divided in 5 thematic units, scientists and experts of urban forestry represented their companies and institutions and discussed the state of urban forestry in Croatia on the local, regional and national level. Also trends on urban forestry in Europe and wider with possibilities and opportunities of further development in Croatia were discussed.


Participants Planting a tree line


Students of the Faculty of forestry in Zagreb were also participating with well-known athletes from the city Osijek, gymnast Robert Seligman and rower David Šain.,They all together were planting a tree line with clones of about 500 years old „Gupčeva“ lime and pedunculate oak from the virgin forest „Prašnik“ in regional park „Dardanske šume“. The conference was held in the archaeological museum in the City of Osijek - organised with the help of Faculty of forestry Zagreb, City of Osijek and Croatian Forests ltd. as head organizers and many helpful Co-organisers.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)