D2C - Planning of D2C activities in Czech republic in 2020


Usually, in the Ametyst NGO February is a time of decisions what to do in the coming period. What will happen in D2C project in 2020? We are intensively communicating with stakeholders on the Czech side of Pilot Region 1. We are inviting them to a workshop in Aigen-Schlägl (AT) at the end of April to put together Regional Guideline Principles. We will participate in events organized by National Park Šumava and present there the Dare to Connect project to the general public. We will organize together with Information Center of NP Šumava in Kvilda excursions to European Green Belt during summer time. We will meet other project partners at project partners meetings and we are going to plan with some of project partners one or two trips to other pilot regions to exchange our experiences. The Pan-European EGB Conference in the beginning of November will be the cherry on top.   
If you are interested in Czech activities of the Dare to Connect project, follow the project Facebook page 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)