KnowING IPR - Conference Strategic Management of Intellectual Property in Business Organizations


On 19th of November, the KnowING IPR partners attended the international conference on the topic of Strategic Management of Intellectual Property in Business Organizations: Value, Use, and Risks.

The Conference was organized by the International Institute for IP Management (I3PM). The conference was an excellent platform to undertake twofold work: disseminate the work being done within the KnowING IPR project and to learn about best practices and current trends in IP management.

KnowING IPR initiative was recognized as relevant by Mr. Peter Bittner (Head of the Organising team) who invited the project representative to be present and disseminate the project activities to the conference audience.

The discussions at the conference were revolving around the topics of:

  • IP value and use, and the risk of litigation (Dietmar Harhoff, Max Planck Institute and University of Munich)
  • Managing the strategic value of IP protection (moderator of the discussion: Salvatore Torrisi, University of Milano - Bicocca)
  • Managing the risk of IP litigation (moderator Donal O'Connel, Chawton Innovation Services)
  • Challenges with telecom portfolios in view of industry 4.0 and IoT (Torsten Pfeifer, Director Patent Unit Continental Europe, Ericsson) in search for IP management best practices and solutions (moderator Martin Bader, University of Ingolstadt).

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)