D2C - First Project Meeting of the New Decade


On 16th and 17th of January project partners from University Vienna, BUND Department Green Belt and UBA AT met in Vienna. The discussion was on how to translate the results of the scientific part of the project into policy recommendations. This process is very often painful and not efficient, thus we are strongly focused on.  It is the aim of the project to support ecological Connectivity along the European Green Belt in the Danube Region. As the European Green Belt in this region is around 4200 km long, shaped by a large heterogeneity of landscapes, habitats and species, there is no easy or single answer on how connectivity can be improved and how to transform findings and recommendations into policies . The partners found that one of approaches is to present the results detailed but easy-to-read. Results will be available within this project period.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)