INDEED - 01.12.2019│Romania│National Order "The Faithful Service" for Prof. PhD. MD Cătălina Tudose


The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, signed a series of decoration decrees for Romanian doctors on the occasion of the National Day of Romania, December 1st.

We are honored to announce that Prof. PhD. MD Cătălina Tudose, President of the Romanian Alzheimer's Society and  member of the INDEED Project team was awarded with the National Order "The Faithful Service" in the rank of Knight, for the dedication and selflessness shown in the improvement of the medical act. Mrs. Professor Cătalina Tudose, the entire INDEED team congratulate you!

Besides Mrs. Prof. Tudose, other personalities from Romanian medicine were decorated as well: Prof. PhD. Horațiu Suciu, Prof. PhD. Ovidiu-Alexandru Băjenaru, Assoc. Prof. PhD Iulian Brezean, Prof. PhD Victor Nimigean, Assoc. Prof. PhD Ioan Ţilea, Assoc. Prof. PhD Adrian Lobonţiu, Prof. PhD Alexandru Rafila, MD Patriciu-Andrei Achimaş-Cadariu, MD Dragomir,  MD Ovidiu Chioncel, MD Constantin Dina, MD Valeria Herdea, MD Viorel Jinga, MD Andreea Anamaria Moldovan, Prof. PhD Victor Dan Eugen Strâmbu and MD Mircea Timofte

For more details we recommend the article published by the Romanian journal Health Policies.

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