INDEED - SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 │CZECH REPUBLIC│Education on Alzheimer's disease for general public


Members of the INDEED Project at our Department of Cognitive Disorders of National Institute of Mental Health offered series of lectures for general public on occasion of the International Day of Alzheimer Disease.

This interesting event was attended by 45 persons on September 18th, 2019. A neurologist of our department David Silhan, MD delivered the first lecture on memory disorders, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. The participants appreciated an educational and clear explanation of a complicated topic. Next lecturer, a psychologist student Sofia Diondet, covered different options how to improve memory using self – and group – training.

Finally, Jana Adamkova presented main activities and research projects at the department. She introduced the INDEED project and invited participants to join getting our newsletter and to follow INDEED website. Participants or their relatives were encouraged to join our other projects on sleep and memory, probiotics and memory and online memory training. Friendly atmosphere of the event facilitated fruitful and long discussing between lecturers and the audience.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)