KnowING IPR - 2nd Action Plan Workshop in Kragujevac


Regional Economic Development Agency of Šumadija and Pomoravlje, as part of a consortium led by Faculty of Information Studies from Novo mesto (Slovenia) and partners from across the Danube Region, hosted second Action plan workshop on 30th of July in Kragujevac (Serbia).

The Action plan workshop with focus on the Human Capital was organized with purpose to discuss key issues of the building, upgrading and use of the human capital relevant for the knowledge management in technological innovations and IPR protection activities will be dealt with.

As defined in the Preliminary Action plan, discussion was three hold and covered three clusters of problems:

  • education, training and re-training of the acting and future R&D personnel will be the subject of detailed analysis,
  • education, training and re-training of the personnel in IPR activities
  • the role of the human capital in the interplay between R&D in technological innovations and IPR activities with a view to the automotive industry.

Wide stakeholder participation from all levels and target groups resulted in very constructive discussion and conclusions.

Thank you all for contribution!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)