CityWalk - CityWalk is much more than just a project. CityWalk is a lifestyle.


CityWalk is much more than just a project. CityWalk is a lifestyle. Yes, the project is finish, but the partnership continue work on activities special in dissemination/capitalisation of results. In short duration 30-month project CityWalk achieve a lot on promotion/dissemination activities. Same of them:

  • It was first project who cooperate in the campaign "Real people. Real stories run by program DTP-
  • Receive second price for the best web page in year 2017.
  • Receive first price for the  DTP photo competition 2018.
  • CityWalk project helps cities in the Danube Region to become safer and better places to live by increasing the role of active transport forms – like walking. Therefore we have promote and organise a global festival on citizen-led walking tours  (Janes walk) in cities of Danube program.

  • Work together close with  EU regional and urban development -
  • Participate in the debates for Urban Agenda for the EU-Urban mobility.
  • Project Citywalk is coordinator of Capitalization pool 6-sustainable mobility and work really close with the PA1B-to draft new action plan for the thematic area- Mobility | Rail-Road-Air

All the cities who participate in CityWalk implement local walkability plans. Which was first walkability plans in their countries—yes we are lighthouse project.

But on the end of the project we receive two huge recognitions:

After reviewing the 199 applications received, the high-level academics part of the jury announced the best projects to be the 24 finalists for the RegioStars Awards; within them also one of the DTP projects: CityWalk, aimed at establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region and to move towards energy responsible places. The project competes for the category, building climate-resilient cities.

Are you ready to support City Walk project then?


Second big surprise was that the city of Weiz from Austria is also nominatet for the  National Mobility Award with our CityWalk project. In the category "Active Mobility". The final result will be publish in next days.

More news and more about our results in next day---but don't us and VOTE.

CityWalk is much more than just a project. CityWalk is a lifestyle.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)