DanubeSediment - International Experts Discuss Sediment Management Measures


On June 26th 2019, over 50 experts came to Bucharest to participate in the International Workshop on Sediment Management Measures. Hosted by National Administration “Romanian Waters”, the workshop presented good practices in sediment management in rivers. The main goal of the workshop was to discuss the project recommendations and sediment-related good practice measures together with key players and partners from different sectors of sediment management. The workshop results will flow into the Sediment Manual for Stakeholders and a Guidance document. The DanubeSediment project aims to support both practitioners and policy-makers in developing an innovative approach for transnational sediment management and strengthening inter-institutional collaboration in the Danube River Basin.

For more details please see: Summary - International Stakeholders Workshop on Sediment Management Measures, 26/06/2019, Bucharest

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)