DANUrB - Danube Days 2019


The Danube Days were organized again this year between June 28th and July 1st in Štúrovo, Esztergom, and in Ráckeve, Szigetbecse and Szigetújfalu on the Csepel Island, south of Budapest. The festival was jointly initiated by local municipalities and organisations and the DANUrB project partners KÉK, STU, BME and Pest County Municipality. It was part of the international Danube Day (June 29th) which celebrates the Danube River, its tributaries, and the vital role these water bodies play in providing water, food, hydropower, recreation and livelihood. In the settlements mentioned above, the aim of the Danube Days festival was to highlight the benefits of riverside living and to encourage local communities to actively use riverbanks as public spaces.

For the first time in Esztergom ’NyitniKÉK - Esztergom Nyitott kertek / Open Gardens in Esztergom’ was also held on 28th June. NyitniKÉK was an adaptation of a bottom-up urban festival, where the participants could visit mutiple local gardens.

This year the International DANUrB Building Camp was held between 26th June  and 4th July  in Štúrovo and Bernecebaráti. The camp was organized by KÉK and BME and involved students from the University of Belgrade, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and also invited students working with other DANUrB partners. During this building camp, the students were tasked with the design and execution of different urban furniture for Štúrovo and Bernecebaráti. This program was aimed to expand intercultural communication as well as providing an opportunity for the students to gain real-life experience in a community-minded structure. 

In order to go even further in raising attention to the Danube region we created a fictional travel agency, Danurb Tours. Our mission was to bring the individual countries of the region together to offer touristic destinations on a common denominator: the river.

Danurb Tours does not actually organize journeys, though its offers are fed from real data and even count in personal preferences. If you go online, five itineraries are offered for adventure seekers starting from Austria on the westernmost side going through the Carpathian basin down the Iron Gates up until the furthest end on the East, the Danube Delta in Romania.



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Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)