INDEED - JULY 01, 2019 │Celebrating one year of INDEED (DTP)


One year ago, INDEED started as a novel project aiming at innovating dementia care in the Danube Region. 

By building skills, enhancing collaboration and fostering entrepreneurial activity among professional groups in health and social care, the quality of life for people with dementia will be improved. Let’s take a look back at our major accomplishments from the past year:


  • July - August 2018

Developing the questionnaire for the „updated expert survey“ on dementia; drafting the INDEED Strategy Statement


  • September - October 2018

Engaging with stakeholders at the policy assessment meeting during the kick-off event; meeting dementia experts from Ljubljana at INDEED’s first public event; releasing the INDEED Strategy Statement and the review on national dementia plans.


  • November 2018 - January 2019

Distributing the first issue of INDEED’s newsletter


  • February 2019

Hosting three transnational focus groups in Bratislava, Ljubljana and Sofia


  • March 2019

Releasing the final results of the „updated expert survey“


  • April 2019

Taking first steps on setting-up the multimedia platform: „“


  • May 2019

Adding the project flyer and brochure to INDEED’s media kit


  • June 2019

Meeting Danubian policy makers at the scoping session during the second project meeting in Bratislava; preparing the pilot actions with dementia experts from Bratislava at INDEED’s second public event.

We have learned a lot – about dementia in the different Danubian countries and didactic concepts for blended-learning, – but also about current activities towards the development of national dementia plans.

It has been a great year, and we have big plans for 2019/2020: scripting the content for CAMPUS, CONNECT and COACH, producing videos for the multimedia platform, and hosting pilot workshops in conjunction with dementia awareness campaigns. 


Thank you for your great collaboration! 

We invite you to celebrate with us on: 


Happy anniversary!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)