One of the main achievements of the coop MDD project was the establishment of a network of RIVER’SCOOLs. It was a long process, but through enthusiastic and dedicated work by our project, all eight RIVER’SCOOLs in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Serbia have been finished and open to the public. Continue reading to find out more about each river school and don't forget to check out the RIVER'SCOOL promo video!



Location: N 46.7147635, E 15.8919976 (cycling bridge over the Mura River near Donnersdorf, Austria)

Have you ever thought about how a river is supposed to flow? In the course of human history, we have straightened many a river, affecting its entire ecosystem. The only RIVER’SCOOL in Austria is dedicated to river restoration and the ways in which we can improve the health of our rivers. Here, you will find out how we can help nature in reclaiming its lost areas, supporting the return of wildlife and benefits for us all. Visit us and enjoy new discoveries!




Location: N 46.575135, E 16.378088 (Copek Mill, Slovenia)

Located in a special complex, next to an old mill, the RIVER’SCOOL Velika Polana offers you plenty of activity to satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Apart from learning about different riparian habitats and species, you can discover how people used to live with the river, what crafts they practised, and connections they had with surrounding nature. In this RIVER’SCOOL, you will experience Prekmurje as it once was!




Location: N 46.465704, E 16.640343 (Letenye, Hungary)

This RIVER’SCOOL is the only one to be located in two places – at the water trip roadstead in Alsószemenye and in Letenye. It presents the dynamics of floods and its importance for many habitats and numerous animal and plant species you can find along the Mura-Drava-Danube area. Also, here you can learn about nature through games and fun tasks in the field, observing animals, and enjoy a walk along the special educational path. Amazing nature awaits you, come and visit us!




Location: N 46.297212, E 16.879008 (Legrad, Mura-Drava confluence, Croatia)

This is the only RIVER’SCOOL located on two rivers, at the Mura-Drava confluence. In this amazing place, you can reconnect with nature. By exploring the area, you will discover the insects and the birds that make their home in and around the Mura and the Drava and find ways to engage all your senses, sparking your curiosity and instilling an appreciation of nature and love of rivers. Come and visit us in Legrad!




Location: N 45.780482, E 17.830798 (Noskovačka Dubrava, Croatia)

RIVER’SCOOL Drava Story enables you to explore endangered fish species in the Mura-Drava-Danube area with special emphasis on the endemic European mudminnow, a small fish that survived the last Ice Age. By protecting dynamic, free-flowing stretches of the Mura, Drava, and the Danube, and by maintaining river connectivity, we are preserving this unusual fish. Visit us to find out more!




Location: N 45.531567, E 18.851874 (Aljmaški Rit, Croatia)

While you can find out more about numerous birds along the Mura, Drava and the Danube in every RIVER’SCOOL, nowhere will you find such information as in Osijek-Baranja County. There, you can find out more about specific bird species that live on the Drava and the Danube, such as the various heron species. Also, you will learn the correct ways of observing birds while being able to apply it in the field. Join the ever-growing forces of young birdwatchers and visit us in Osijek-Baranja County!




Location: N 45.895000, E 18.871111 (Karapandža, Bezdan, Serbia)

Found at the entrance to the Gornje Podunavlje Biosphere Reserve, the RIVER’SCOOL Karapandža is a gateway to exciting and innovative learning and nature experiences. If you want to discover the magnificent world of riparian forests, learn more about nature conservation and understand what does an integrated river dynamic corridor means, you must visit this RIVER’SCOOL. Through games and other activities, we promise you’ll enjoy your time here!



Location: N 45.249700, E 19.851000 (Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, Serbia)

Located in a museum, the RIVER’SCOOL Novi Sad is a place where you can learn all about the importance of floods. You will find out that floods are not only negative events posing danger to our settlements and property – they have a very positive impact on nature and, in the long term, to people. Through interactive exhibits and fun simulations, you will experience this natural phenomenon in a new and unique way!



Photos by responsible institutions.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)