FORESDA - Croatian Pilot Project Presented in Bruxelles


At the invitation of the European Commission, the Croatian Wood Cluster presented a pilot project Increase the Level of Work safety to increase the Energy Efficiency, which is being carried out within the framework of FORESDA project. Namely, according to the latest research, by modernizing the wood dust collection systems, it is possible to save up to 30 percent of the electricity, and at the same time, the working conditions are being improved. One of the activities is also the maintenance of educational workshops on this topic, which is particularly interesting in the context of the available funding provided by the Croatian national funds and aiming to improve the energy efficiency of industrial facilities. The PIE was presented in Bruxelles as an example of best practices, during the European Wood Dust Conference, which was organized on May 16th. More...

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)