TRANSGREEN - 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region


June 27th 2019. Bucharest, Romania. During its last days of implementation, TRANSGREEN project representatives accepted the invitation to present its results in the session of EUSDR Workshops on the Capitalization of DTP Interreg projects.

In order to set the stage, Mrs Mirjana Jovanović, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastrucure, the coordinator of PA1 talked about the importance of cooperation of the European countries, but in the mean time she highlighted that concrete actions must be taken by the member countries and implement the PA1 objectives on Ministerial level, otherwise nothing change in transport system, transport sector might  take place. She even went further and proclaimed that constant upgrade of Danube Logistics Promotion Centre needed. She explained that PA1 how support the dissemination and educational approach and lobbying for the topic on each possible level.

Two sessions were set in the workshop: Sustainable water transport and Sustainable mobility, according to PA1a and PA1b. In the sessions the most successful projects received a chance to present themselves.

In the context of Sustainable mobility, TRANSGREEN project manager Hildegard Meyer presented the main project outputs, such as the Catalogue of Measure, the Guidelines for integrated transport planning, EIA training package and CCIBIS platform along with the most important systematic and methodological solutions. Her goal was to present the project's "who", "how", "what", where plus results with a focus on stakeholder involvment at all levels, local, national and transnational in different formats (workshops, kick-off meetings, cross-sectoral meetings, face-to-face meeting)

Participants could also interact with the project representatives in the foyer, at the DTP Interreg projects’ exhibition.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)