NETWORLD - Sergeant Jutasi Tour 2019, Veszprém, Hungary


Sergeant Jutasi Tour (SJT) has some tradition in Veszprém, started fifteen years ago, but only in the last few years became very popular. Undeniably it is in connection with the commemorial events of the WW1, with the centennial programmes starting from 2014. In the last years a strong cooperation started from the side of the military services with the Municipality of Veszprém, primary and secondary schools, the Museum, NGOs, civilians and other institutions.

The whole tour was originally organised by the military garrison of Veszprém to introduce the military services to the youth. Today its primary aim is much more complex, it wants to involve the youth of the city into the historical and military traditions of their place to show them why is it important to remember and value the peace, we have now.

Sergeant Jutasi Tour is a competition for student groups with several stops where they have to answer questions, create something artistic, do some activities. The tour itself is 10-20 km long (depends on the age of the youngsters). As we are looking at the numbers, we can experience growing interest in the tour since 2014, from around hundred participants in this year almost 800 students and teachers have registered and 633 students and 34 teachers have completed the challenge successfully.

The NETWORLD project is involved in the SJT from 2018, when 486 registered players got information on the WW1 heritage of Veszpém using the educational workbook developed in the frame of the Networld.  This year our Networld project was a stop, the task for the students was to test the appropriation and the usability of the application on their ICT tools.  With the support of the Interreg NETWORLD Project 500 pendrive-s were distributed among the participants.

All those who crossed the finish line of the SJT got certificate and some presents and the most active schools were awarded, the best performing teams were enriched with sports vouchers.

Seeing this interest all the organisers are dedicated to follow this line and make the SJT even more interesting and popular and maybe develop it further to become a regional, county-wide competition. The Networld project through the Municipality is planning to be part of the process.




Author: Renata Kiss

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)