SENSES closing conference begun with the official welcome speeches from Mr. Zoltán István Marczinkó, Deputy State Secretary of Labour Market and Corporate Relations, Ministry of Finance; Mr. Marius-Valentin Nicualae, Project Officer, Innovative and Socially Responsible Danube Region (PA1), MA/JS Danube Transnational Programme, Ministry of Finance, Ms. Gabriella Tölgyes, CSR Coordinator, Ministry of Finance and Mr. Áron Jakab, head of development of social enterprise unit, IFKA Iparfejlesztési Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.


Part two of the conference is in progress, Panel discussion: „Why do we need a Social Enterprise Strategy for the Danube region?“. Panelists are: Ms. Martina Glavak, senior expert adviser, Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Croatia; Mr. Esteban Pelayo, director, EUROADA, Belgium; Mr. Simion Zanfir, director, Arges Chamber of Commerce (Romania), Mr. Vukašin Grozdińá, Government of the Republic of Serbia – Office of the Prime Minister, Serbia and Ms. Irina Vana, researcher, ZSI, Austria.


After the panel and presentation with the discussion about the Policy intervention for the development of the SE sector in Slovakia and Hungary which were held by Mr. Peter Meszaros, managing director of 3lobit o.z., Slovakia and Mr. Zsolt Ruszkai, senior expert, Ministry of Finance, Hungary, afternoon session started. On the most active part, we will support the pitching of social enterprises in front of an international jury. Let the pitching – matching begin!

Congratulation to all representatives of SEs for great presentations! The jury will now take some time and process all the inputs to make a decision who will be awarded as the best of the bests.


We are proudly announcing the winners:

- for the BEST BUSINESS: ZADRUGA, Serbia
- for the BEST PRESENTATION: MTOP - more than one perspective, Austria
- and the most important award - for the BEST SOCIAL IMPACT: Humana Nova, Croatia


Thank you all for being a part of this amazing and productive day!  :)


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)