YOUMIG - Working Paper 4 completes the series


YOUMIG has published Working Paper 4, the last in its Working Papers Series, with a focus on the meeting points between local development, policy and youth migration. ’Youth migration and local governance in the Danube region. Challenges and novel approaches’ by YOUMIG Deputy Project Manager and thematic leader Béla Soltész, shed light on another important aspect of the topic – how policies at the local, regional or national level deal with the subject of youth migration and how they are connected with each other, if at all. YOUMIG's activities focused on the management of youth migration at the local level, and examining some 75 YOUMIG documents, as well as other academic and project-related sources, Working Paper 4 takes us through the entire YOUMIG treasury of analysis and outputs.

Working Paper 3, published just before the fourth volume and also available for download on the website, was following another track of the project. YOUMIG researchers Ekaterina Skoglund (Leibniz Institute for Eastern- and South-Eastern European Studies - IOS Regensburg) and Zoltán Csányi (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) summarise the statistical achievements of the project, and guide their readers through the complex quantitative information on youth migration at the local level, including its local socio-economic context and subjective perceptions, that can shape migratory decisions.

Working Paper 2, by Tamás Kiss from the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, looked at the topic of youth migration from the context of development and ideology. His paper was based on a series of interviews with institutional stakeholders and young migrants in the framework of the project, which he presents in his analysis.

Working Paper 1, written by Heinz Fassmann, Elisabeth Gruber and Ádám Németh (University of Vienna) completed the groundwork for the project at its start, laying out the theoretical and conceptual framework for the project’s research and strategy while building on youth migration issues.


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