MOVECO - Exhibition on circular economy is now in Austria


Our MOVECO team has created a mobile exhibition on "The circular economy in the Danube region". It is travelling across various countries along the Danube region. In Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria, each country presents circular solutions with regional, national and international best practice examples in the field of circular economy.

Currently, the exhibition’s stop is in Linz in Austria. After having travelled from Augsburg (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bratislava and Nitra (Slovakia) to Austria, the exhibition's stop at Techcenter Linz-Winterhafen will be the last stop of the mobile exhibition.

Displaying best practice products, the MOVECO exhibition shows, how companies from the Danube region are successfully putting the vision of a resource-efficient circular economy in the practice. We - twelve MOVECO project partners and four strategic partners from ten countries in the Danube region - are working together to promote knowledge about the circular economy and to improve the framework conditions for circular products and business models in the Danube region.

Exhibition with ‚zero waste‘ approach

The exhibition itself follows a 'zero-waste' approach with modular design: basically, it consists of reusable crates, wooden boards and cable ties - so that much of the materials can easily be returned to the economic cycles at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition shows the possibilities of the circular economy and how they can be applied in products or services. We often think of recycling as the only way to close materials loops and to prevent a loss of resources, but circular economy already begins at the product design phase. At the same time, entrepreneurs can get inspiring ideas on how companies turned the concept into business models.


Exhibition stop in Austria

Business Upper Austria (Biz-up) organizes the stop of this unique exhibition on the circular economy in Austria within the framework of the international project MOVECO. You will see over 20 products and services for companies which are well familiar with terms like recycling, ecodesign, reuse, refurbishing, upcycling or zero waste.

When: May 2019
Where: Techcenter Linz-Winterhafen, Hafenstraße 47-51, 4020 Linz, Austria

For more information, please contact Gabriel Gruber from Business Upper Austria.



"Your trash is my treasure" - This is the motto of the EU co-funded project MOVECO. Sixteen partners from ten Danube countries promote transnational cooperation to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

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