ResInfra@DR - Know-how exchange forum in Bratislava on 22-23 May 2019 - Registration open!


Throughout the last year the ResInfra@DR project has offered support to interested research infrastructures in Danube region concerned with management challenges during their regular operations or specific phases of their establishment. The ResInfra@DR Know-how exchange forum provides an excellent venue for stakeholders (including final recipients of support such as involved research entities and infrastructures) to reflect on the current challenges of the initiatives and the proposed recommendations. In addition, a reflection of the process itself should reveal the potential of similar mutual support actions in the Danube macro-region, and how far similar actions should be included in a joint action plan. In order to provide ground for reflection, the organisers have invited currently developing RIs and already successful initiatives to allow a wider sharing of experiences.

The event is open to RI experts and stakeholders from media.

Registration & Agenda

Please register online here... (deadline: 15th of May 2019).
The agenda of the event is also available online...
To gain further information please contact Ms Anna Krivjanska, (CVTI SR):

About ResInfra@DR

The project mission is to improve framework conditions for research infrastructure and innovation in the Danube region. Therefore, ResInfra@DR facilitates enhanced transnational cooperation and a macro-regional scope of the sustainable development of research infrastructures.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)