KnowING IPR - REPORT - 2nd SCOM and Assessment workshop for IPR challenges - Budapest, April 2019


The first international workshop of the KnowING IPR project was organized by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on 9 April 2019 in Budapest. The day before  (8th April) the second Steering Committee meeting of the project consortium was held at the headquarter of BCCI.


The main goal of KnowING IPR is to pool and exploit existing innovation knowledge and increased cooperation opportunities based on intellectual property rights (IPR). The main result of KnowING IPR will be a practical solution in the form of an open access Knowing Hub online platform providing knowledge extraction from patent and other databases, advanced analytics, and training for IPR usage and management.

The main outcome of the project in 15 countries is a freely accessible online knowledge base that utilizes patent and other databases, provides deep analysis and further training in IPR management, facilitating IPR collaboration, information flow, trend research and decision-making and innovation processes based on them.  As a result of the project, IPR policy proposals will be formulated for the Danube Region.

In the first part of the workshop, the sources of the available IPR data and the method of its processing, the summary of the country-specific analysis and the action plan summarizing the aspects of the further implementation phase of the project were presented by the work package leaders and Hungarian country expert. 


After the presentations the participants contributed in an hour flipchart session to identify the framework of assessment challenges. The last part of the event a moderated discussion about IPR challenges was held between representatives of public sector, enterprises and IPR/business support organisations. The purpose of this panel was to share opinions on possible solutions to improve the situation of IPR in the Danube region.

In the panel the following topics were discussed:

  • General experiences with IPR related issues
  • Most challenging factors for IPR implementation
  • Support tools could be provided to stimulate innovation and to encourage the use of IPR
  • Policy initiatives could stimulate the usage of IPR
  • Is the research in your countries orientated toward the market? What about the number of new patents per year? How can be the IPR capacities strengthen?
  • Market specific opinions
  • Required certain skills are needed for people in the Danube region to use IPR
  • Types of funding programmes are needed to stimulate IPR
  • The link between innovation and entrepreneurial culture and IPR

The benefits of engaging in the implementation phase of the KnowING IPR project for businesses interested in the subject: practical and personalized information on IPR protection and participation in lectures by recognized foreign experts.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)