InnoSchool - 1st Project and Steering Committee Meeting, Vienna, Austria


On the 19th and 20th of March took place the 1st Project and Steering Committee Meeting in Vienna, Austria. The aim of this meeting was for all the project partners to meet and discuss specific topics: the InnoSchool concept state of art, the Serious Game design, preparing the pilot and of course other management and internal issues. An overview of the implemented activities and achieved results was presented and also steps forward were appointed.

On the first day, Arnold Gutmayer and Stuart Simpson, representatives of Vienna Board of Education, opened the meeting with the presentation of the agenda and then a brief presentation of the analysis summarizing the results of social mapping and discuss the strategical impact and framework of the project.

In the second part of the day an internal workshop was conducted in which all the partner representatives created and explained the draft idea of the Serious Game, more exactly mechanics and gameplay. Furthermore, they had to come up with an idea for the basic storyline of the game, the virtual community design, in this way laying the foundation of the basic game rules. The starting points for serious game were the six social needs identified during the social mapping research: caring for an ageing population, child welfare, shift of society towards environmental responsibility, inclusion of excluded groups, workforce migration/brain drain, disadvantages in peripheral and rural areas. 

The day ended with discussions about the final ILS including guidance for teachers on using ILS, training materials for teachers, impact questionnaires, wrap up and agreement about the next steps to be taken in the project.

The second day started with an interview from the W24 Tv station regarding the project. 4 representatives of the project partners where interviewed regarding the InnoSchool project: Jan Kubalik from DEXIC, Simona Trip from ACTA Center, Cristina Mang from CJRAE Bihor and Arnold Gutmayer from the Vienna Board of Education.

The day continued with internal discussions and decisions regarding the time plan for finalization of the tasks on ILS, considerations for recruiting the schools for the pilot moderated by Michal Stefan from DEXIC. Simina Miko form CJRAE Bihor did an overview of the communication activities of the project, like kick-off events (local impact, schools’ feedback, encouraging the involvement of students and teachers in the project), launching the 1st newsletter and general considerations on the 1st InnoSchool Days seminar. The day ended with the Steering Committee meeting on financial and management issues.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)