INDEED - February 26, 2019│Focus Group Meeting in Sofia


8 experts from the fields of dementia care and health education met in the Alexandrovska University Hospital in Sofia on February 26, 2019, for a focus group to evaluate the recently developed draft of the INDEED intervention package. This draft foresees three comprehensive modules targeting competences, cooperation and innovation potential. These modules will include interprofessional education, networking tools and business coaching. Furthermore, the modules will be delivered at 24 regional workshops in Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as through an e-learning platform.

Moderated by Simona Krakovská from INDEED’s project partner “Memory Centre Bratislava” and Shima Mehrabian from the Bulgarian Society of Dementia, the concept of the modules was presented and discussed among the participants. Also, formats for the web-based delivery such as videos were demonstrated at the meeting. Thanks to the constructive feedback from the attendees, the modules’ content as well as the design of the online platform will be optimized.

Prior to the focus group, a selection of experts convened to discuss regional care pathways in dementia. Results of this “System Check Lab” will be beneficial for developing the upcoming workshops in Romania and Bulgaria in 2020.

The event in Sofia involved experts from Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria. It was part of a series of three meetings across the INDEED project area.








Expert group discussing dementia care © Bulgarian Society of Dementia

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)