DBS Gateway Region - Pilot Action: DBS container arrived in the Port of Smederevo


The DBS Container arrived in the Port of Smederevo

The DBS Gateway Region pilot action intends to trace a predefined transport-chain of cargo shiped over the ocean and along the Danube River to arrive in the middle of Europe. Challenges and relevant bottlenecks on the way were detected to generate significant data that assist the preparation of implementation of necessary projects to increase the attractiveness of the inland waterway transport system in the DBS Gateway Region. 

First a virtual itinery from China to Serbia was described based on different offers from freight forwarders taking into account economic and ecological criteria (such as prize, travel-time, transport mode, emission). Second,  the organisation, tracking and tracing of the DBS container journey from China to Serbia, including photo and video material, has been done to enable a detection of all existing bottlenecks.The route over the ports of Koper, Rijeka, Bar, Piraeus and Constanta and further on the road or via rail transport routes was documented in the Travel Book. 

Furthermore a Road Inventory Survey will be done to gather more data especially on transport modalities in the Danube Region. 

Finally an application that is using the multi-criteria decision making will be developed in order to compare different available routes from A to B and to suggest an optimal solution.

... DBS container (HLBU 1731637), with a tracking device, was loaded on the ship in Shenzhen on 23.11.2018.

The ship with the container arrived to Constanza on 30.12.2018.

The container is unloaded to the Port of Constanza on the same day and further loaded to the river ship on 15.01.2019. 

The ship left Constanza Port on 16.01.2019. and reached Port of Smederevo on 28.01.2019.

In the Port of Smederevo, the container is reloaded to the truck on 28.01.2019. and transported directly to the custom clearing office in Dobanovci...


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)