DAREFFORT - 1st Periodic Meeting in Vienna



The DAREFFORT project has had its 1st Periodic Meeting this week in Vienna, Austria. The main organizer of the three-day event was Economica GmbH, one of the project partners.

During the three days, a number of conferences were held. The first day started with the Capitalisation Event where other Interreg projects introduced themselves and shared some capitalisation possibilities for DAREFFORT. Project partners also received an update from the communication team about the latest period. The Data Provider Conference provided interface for sharing best practices and plans concerning data providing in DAREFFORT. The SCOM and SAB members' meeting helped advance the progress of the entire project by discussing details of DAREFFORT.

The second day was dominated by the DAFF conference: after some keynote speeches from representatives of various partners, project partner countries provided presentations on their individual country reports. At the end of the day the Lead Partner and the representatives of the Work Packages discussed goals, roles, tasks and time schedules concerning DAREFFORT's progress. 

In the morning of the third day an optional, software developing meeting was held, where partners who are responsible for developing the project's data exchange software could discuss in details the general goals and functions of the soon-to-be-developed software.


Photos of the event are available in the Gallery and on the Facebook page of DAREFFORT!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)