INDEED - November, 21-23 2018│Sarajevo, (Bosnia-Herzegovina)│International Congress on Dementia-IcoDem 2018


The International Conference on Dementia in Sarajevo on 21-23 November 2018 brought together experts from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Germany to outline the current state of dementia research and care. Skillfully moderated by the chairman of the Conference Osman Kucuk who is the head of the INDEED partner Association AiR a broad array of relevant topics were discussed. The programme featured interprofessional, patient-centred and community-based care and non-pharmacological interventions. Key topics included dementia in neurological, cerebrovascular, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases; novel pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer’s disease; timely diagnosis supported by biomarkers and brain imaging; risk factors and prevention of dementia; community-based services and dementia-friendly communities; non-pharmacological interventions including somatotherapy, music therapy and arts therapy, and palliative care. The INDEED project was presented at the meeting. With its comprehensive scope and focus on practice the IcoDem/18 conference contributed to improving dementia care in Bosnia-Herzegovina and neighboring countries, and moved forward the development of national dementia plans.

Osman Kučiuc, presenting INDEED Project, Sarajevo

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)