INDEED - September 28, 2018 │Romania│ ʺREMEMBER ME!ʺ, 3rd Edition │


International Alzheimer Day

Romanian Alzheimer Society, (Bucharest, Romania, Library of the Romanian Academy)

On the occasion of the International Alzheimer Day 2018, the Romanian Alzheimer  Society (SRA) organized the third edition of the event entitled Remember Me! The event took place on Friday, September 28, 2018, at the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, bringing together specialists from the Romanian landscape in older persons with dementia care from various fields: medicine (psychiatry, geriatrics-gerontology, family medicine), psychology, social assistance, dementia-friendly architecture and design. Remember Me! was also open to interested general public, caregivers and dementia patients.

From left to right, from top to down:

Prof. PhD Md Cătălina Tudose, President RAS, opening the event

Event speaker panel, from left to right, Mihai-Viorel Zamfir, Mihaela Zamfir, Raluca Sfetcu and Maria Moglan

Event speaker panel, from left to right,  Mihaela Zamfir, Alexandra Rusu, Andreea Marin, Carmen Mazilu

Assoc. Prof. PhD Psych. Raluca Sfetcu, Chairman 1st  session, presenting INDEED Project

Assist. Prof. PhD Md Mihai-Viorel Zamfir, Chairman 2nd  session

PhD St. Psych. Ioana Căciulă, Chairman 3rd  session

The conference was opened by Prof. PhD Md. Cătălina Tudose, SRA President, being structured on three modules: "Knowledge, Collaboration and Development of Services for Appropriate Dementia Management" (Chairman: Assoc. Prof. PhD Psych. Raluca Sfetcu, Ph.D.), "Standards of Care for Residential Services " (Chairman: Assist. Prof. PhD Md. Mihai-Viorel Zamfir) and "The Patient Care with Dementia and the Role of Networking in Dementia Care Management with Applications in SRA Projects" (Chairman: PhD St. Psych. Ioana Căciulă).

Assoc. Prof. PhD Psych. Raluca Sfetcu (Romanian Alzheimer Society) has opened the series of scientific communications with the presentation of the INDEED project, raising the attention of all participants to dementia that is becoming a challenge for health and social systems in all countries of the Danube region. The first results of the INDEED project show that the most frequent shortcomings include insufficient knowledge and poor cooperation among occupational groups involved in dementia which, as well as lack of demented specific facilities such as day care centers. The presentation highlighted key data on Project Summary, Partners, Description and Work Packages.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)