INDEED - September 28, 2018 │Slovenia │1st Public Event │10th International Conference on Dementia │


Spominčica – Alzheimer Slovenija, (Ljubljana, Slovenia, Medicinska Fakulteta)

With support from Štefanija Zlobec and David Krivec at Spominčica (Alzheimer Slovenija), and Zvezdan Pirtošek at the University of Ljubljana it was  organised the first public event of the INDEED project as a satellite session within the 10th International Conference on Dementia (ASK 2018) at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana.  The conference was an excellent opportunity to present INDEED to a broader audience. Prof. Alexander Kurz, Project Coordinator, introduced the audience to INDEED. Starting from the framework of the Danube Transnational Programme, it’s focus on mutual learning and cross-border cooperation, he presented the project’s main objective of improving dementia care in the Danube region. The intervention package consists of three modules (CAMPUS, CONNECT, COACH) and will be delivered in a blended learning format. Also, he emphasised that the target groups for the INDEED intervention are institutions that are involved in dementia care. To evaluate the three modules and the blended learning concept, pilot actions will be held in 2020, starting in Slovenia.

Lea Pfäffel, INDEED Project Manager, gave a brief presentation about the INDEED strategy, starting with similarities in national dementia strategies, guidelines and local recommendations from countries of the Danube region. Previous comparisons among national dementia papers showed three common topics that directly link to the INDEED modules: 1) Providing education and training (CAMPUS), 2) Improving cooperation and enhancing coordination (CONNECT), and 3) Developing high-quality services (COACH).

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)