KnowING IPR - Presentation of KnowING IPR project in Wienna


ICT 2018 - Imagine Digital: Connect Europe that took place in Wienna from 4th to 6th December 2018, is a big and an important event not only for companies but also for policymakers and academia. During ICT 2018 there were organized a number of conferences, innovation and startups forums, exhibitions, and network sessions. During the network sessions, there was organized an event for dissemination of KnowING IPR projects.

At the event participated different stakeholders (including our partner Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry) who came with valuable knowledge about the High Performance Computing and Intellectual Property rights particularities. The sessions were productive and we are looking forward in participating at next year’s ICT event in order to engage with different stakeholders.



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)