FORESDA - Dubrovnik, December 3rd-4th: Opportunity to Develop Innovative Ideas for Business


The latest achievements of FORESDA project will be presented in Dubrovnik, during 4th edition of Adriatic Wood Days,(, which will be organized at the beginning of December (3-4.12.2018). In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to be part of the ideation workshop. The aim of this activity is to gather companies and further innovation actors from different sectors in order to establish the cross-sectoral consortia of SMEs, large companies and research organisations, which task will be to develop new products, processes or services.

SMEs involved in the innovation activities will be provided with methodological and scientific knowledge in order to foster innovation, cross-sectoral and transnational thinking. Selected networks, projects, and ideas for sustainable business cases will receive support from experts out of the consortium mostly and additional external experts in specific cases.

The ideas generated will be assessed and validated by the project partners in order to define roadmaps for implementation and further support activities. The main criteria for validating and selecting the projects for further support are:

  • Innovativeness of the idea,
  • Market potential
  • The potential for new industrial value chains
  • Cross-sectoral added-value
  • The expected potential for growth and job creation.

Target groups of participants (both Croatian and international):

  • Companies (SMEs and large)
  • Innovation experts
  • Designers
  • Research organisations
  • Marketing experts
  • Forest-based sector related institutions and organizations.

If you have an idea or if you want to discuss it with forest-based market experts, don't miss the opportunity to get to Dubrovnik and to participate in this workshop! More information and registration available at (contact person: Ms. Ana Dijan, +385 91 539 7683).

About AWD: During two days, this central sectoral event of forest-based industries organized in the Mediterranean will host a numerous sectoral experts, important policy makers and other relevant stakeholders from business, academia, media, etc., which will use the joint platform of 4 conferences and 3 workshops, to discuss following topics:

  • Hotel interiors furnishing and product design
  • Greater use of wood in construction
  • Managing forests on islands
  • Timber trade and wood products marketing
  • Future of biomass and RES: Position of pellets and cogeneration in RED II directive
  • Organizing the sector through clusters and associations
  • Importance of quality and certification

Registration and more about AWD



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)