DTP Participation in the 7th EUSDR Annual Forum


From the 18-19th October 2018, the 7th Annual Forum of the EUSDR was jointly organised as the Danube Strategy's  key event by Bulgaria - the Rotating Presidency of the EUSDR for the 2018 –, the EC and the DTP. The DTP's participation in the Annual Forum can be highlighted in three aspects:

1) We organised a plenary session on the second day to highlight the contribution of the DTP to a better Danube region. Apart from presenting the achievements gained by the programme, the support given by the programme to the EUSDR and announcing the new 3rd call for proposals, 4 DTP projects' representatives (AgriGo4Cities, Networld, DanuBioValNet and Daphne) took the floor and presented some of their main results based on the 4 messages on the added value of transnational cooperation for the area.

2) A "DTP meeting corner" was created in the exhibition area with 5 spaces for both the programme and our projects divided by thematic priority. The Poles leaders of the DTP Capitalisation Strategy were in charge of the project corners, giving information about the 76 projects approved so far and their results.

3) Three DTP approved projects (DanteDanube Stream and Transdanube.Pearls) took part in the thematic session "Sustainable Tourism mobility" on day 1 of the event.

You can find below some photos of the DTP participation.

The two-day event ended with Bulgaria handing over the EUSDR Presidency to Romania, where we expect to also contribute actively in the next year Annual Forum.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)