Transdanube.Pearls wins the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Award 2018

The DTP is happy to inform you that our project Transdanube.Pearls has won the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Award 2018!

About the VCÖ Mobility Award

The VCÖ is an organisation which focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable mobility and transport systems and the necessity to provide a liveable environment also for future generations. The VCÖ mobility award is the largest competition on sustainable mobility and transport in Austria. The VCÖ Mobility Award is presented by VCÖ in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria and the public service provider ÖBB.
A total number of 321 projects and concepts have been submitted to the VCÖ Mobility Award, the largest mobility competition in Austria. Only 12 projects received a prize. Fortunately, Transdanube.Pearls was one of the 12 exemplary projects that received a prize from the VCÖ Mobility Award. This year’s motto of the VCÖ Mobility Award in Vienna was “Society. Change. Mobility”. This undermines the argument that not only an energy transition, but also a transition in the transport sector is necessary in times of climate change. How such a transition in this sector can be successfully realised and what it means in practice, has been presented during the award ceremony in Vienna on 18 September 2018.
Transdanube.Pearls won in the category “Leisure and Tourism”. Monika Mörth, managing director of the project lead partner, the Environment Agency Austria, emphasized that “together with our partners we work on sustainable mobility solutions on land and water. Thereby they create a win-win situation for the people, travelling to the region and the people living in the region”. She received the prize along with the project leader, Agnes Kurzweil and the initiators of the project, Robert Thaler and Veronika Holzer (Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism) .

 Transdanube.Pearls project in brief

The EU project Transdanube.Pearls aims at establishing a network of destinations, so-called “Danube.Pearls” committed to sustainable mobility for tourists and inhabitants along the Danube. For this purpose, project partners develop Common Standards, improve and connect existing mobility services in the Danube region and jointly elaborate action plans to improve sustainable tourism and mobility in their region. The EU-project started at the beginning of 2017 and will last for 2,5 years. The Interreg – Danube Transnational Programme is co-funding Transdanube.Pearls with an overall budget of 2.9 million euros. The project is led by the Environment Agency Austria. Altogether 15 organizations from 9 European countries and 24 associated strategic partners are part of the project and committed themselves to the concept of sustainable mobility in tourism.

Pictures: © VCÖ/Matthaeus Schmid

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)