Communication training for DTP projects


The Danube Transnational Programme organised in Split (Croatia) on 19th July 2018, a training addressed to the communication managers of the projects approved under the 2nd call for proposals. Exceptionally, some communication managers of the 1st call projects were also invted to come.

The event aimed to inform project communicators about the requirements related to their project communication and to train them on compulsory tools and activities, as well as on some communication techniques useful during the project implementation. Apart from the DTP Communication officer’s presentations on Importance of communication, Kick-off events, Minimum communication requirements and DTP project websites; other speakers intervened: a representative of Transgreen project presented its innovative communication campaign through cartoons to address different target groups; a communication officer of Med programme explained some good practices on communication from its programme and projects; and a communication expert presented some useful techniques such as the use of plain Enlglish or storytelling and tools such as social media and free platforms to create infographics and videos. 2 practical exercises on plain English and Communication Plan were done by the participants during the training.

Presenations given during the training:

- Eloy Gomez Giron, Communication officer of the DTP Joint Secretariat

- Laura Pugieu, Communication officer of the MED Programme Joint Secretariat

- Madalina Corciu, Communication officer of Transgreen project (1st call DTP project)

- Gabriel Alvarez, Communication expert



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)