DanubeSediment - Raising awareness for sediment


Under this year’s motto „Be active for a healthier Danube“, our project partners took part in an array of Danube Day events and festivities. During these celebrations, the DanubeSediment contributions focused on increasing awareness for the topic of sediments in the Danube.
We listed these activities beginning from the Danube Delta:

Our project partner NARW took part in a Danube Day event organised by the Ministry of Water and Forests in Moldova Nouă - Baile Herculane, Romania on June 29th. The central high-level event discussed strengthening cooperation in the Danube management plans. DanubeSediment was presented in speeches and presentations throughout the day. In parallel, different activities were dedicated to children such as learning workshops on waters analyses and biology lessons.

On June 9th, our project partner JCI took part in the national event in Belgrade, Serbia, Sediment messages for the Danube (Copyright: Ljiljana Marjanovic, JCI)which attracted over 3000 participants. In an interactive workshop, DanubeSediment taught children about sediment transport, for example by explaining how island are formed. Young and old wrote “sediment-messages” on pebbles and placed these into the Danube River. See more pictures and videos here.

In Slovenia, our partner IzRVS participated in a cross-fertilization event organized by the Interreg Alpine Space project HyMoCARES on June 28th. Participants took on-site samples and measured bank erosion along the Drava River in Zlatoličje.

On June 22nd and 23rd, our partners from Slovakia presented DanubeSediment at a wild water sports arena in Cunovo. VUVH and other organisations under the Ministry of Environment provided a diversified program for interested public, including excursions to a hydropower plant and of course a booth concerning our project.

In Hungary, the recreation park of Érsekcsanád was used as the venue for a joint Hungarian-Serbien DanubeDay on June 29th. Participants not only had the chance to share traditions in sports as well as foods, but also to learn about the importance of healthy rivers. Even regional and national authorities from both countries attended the event. Our partner OVF informed about our project with boots, material and give-away gifts.

On June 29th, our partners joined festivities in Neuburg, Germany that were organized by partners from the DTP project DANUBEparksCONNECTED. Young and old participated in cleaning up the city’s river banks and a “Wild Danube Island”, which was inaugurated by the Bavarian Environment Minister. TUM presented an interactive sandbox, teaching participants how river morphology influences the movement of water through the river and riparian areas. LfU joined two excursions through the Danube floodplains informing participants about the role of sediment and importance of sediment transport in the Danube.

Danube floodplain excursion (Copyright: Hanna Skiba, LfU)







Copyright: top image "Sediment messages for the Danube" (Ljiljana Marjanovic, JCI), bottom left image "TUM sandbox" (Michael Außendorf, LfU), bottom right image "Danube floodplain excursion" (Hanna Skiba, LfU)






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