DTP: Lead Partner Seminar & Pole Leaders/PACs Communication Training


DTP Lead Partner Seminar, Budapest 27th of June

The Danube Transnational Programme has organised, in Budapest on 27th June 2018, a seminar addressed to the Lead Partners of all those projects approved under the 2nd call for proposals. Aimed to support the Lead Partners at the beginning of the implementation of their project activities; from a contracting, managing, financial and communication point of view, the seminar generated fruitful discussions through the important sessions on the agenda of the event.


DTP Training for the Pole Leaders / Priority Area Coordinators, Budapest 28th of June

The training was aimed to increase awareness about the importance of communicating the joint activities and results gained in each Thematic Pole, as well as to train Pole leaders and PACs on some techniques and tools that they can use, namely lobbying and advocacy. Thanks to our two speakers, namely Mercedes Acitores from Interact & the communication expert Gabriel Alvarez, the event attained its purposes through interactive practical exercises. 

Presentations can be found here:

LP Seminar:

     1. General

     2. DANUrB - Best Practice

     3. Capitalisation Strategy

Pole Leader & PAC Training:

     1. Introduction

     2. Communication Expert

     3. Interact


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)