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ResInfra@DR is in constant exchange with a wide range of stakeholders in the field of research infrastructure in the Danube region. On the occassion of its 6th newsletter ResInfra@DR invited the project »Danube Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation using Socio-Technical Integration« (in short: D-STIR) to share current project news: 

"The EC is determined to bridge the gap between the scientific community and society at large. As such, D-STIR project connects technical experts with humanists in order to leverage maximal societal and business potential by implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the whole innovation pipeline. Innovative SMEs and research institutions from 8 European countries (RO, SK, HU, SI, CZ, DE, HR, BA) participate in testing a method that was created in the USA but adapted to the special innovation characteristics of the Danube region. Socio-Technical Integration Research is a method that helps R&I actors to take steps towards RRI implementation. After a year and a half of project duration, partners already achieved some important goals. In the last transnational event and study visit held on 19th -20th of June, in Stuttgart (Germany), partners presented first results of D-STIR application. Partners’ meeting coincided with international conference on engineering technology and innovation in Stuttgart (ICE/IEEE). Beata Udvari and Nikoletta Nadas – First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association moderated a public workshop aimed at drawing attention of the participants to responsible innovation. They presented topics of RRI and the socio-technical research integration in conjunction with industry 4.0, digitalization, robotics and self-driving cars."

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Image source: D-STIR project, 2018


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)