DanubeSediment - Project Contributions to Danube Day 2018


Along the Danube you can find different DanubeSediment activities during the International Danube Day 2018 festivities on June 20th 2018. Some project partners are also organizing events in the days and weeks before or afterwards, depending on the local schedule.

The activities that have been fixed:

Austria, Stadtpark, Vienna, 20th of JuneStadtpark Wien

The Danube is once again taking over Vienna's Stadtpark on Wednesday, 20th June for a day of interactive games, fascinating facts, creatures, crafts and competitions. The BOKU-booth is inviting kids in the age between 6 and 13 years to discover the topic "Why are sediments and sediment continuity important for a healthy Danube?"


Neuburg an der Donau, Copyright: Hanna Skiba

Germany, Boathouse Donau-Ruder Club, Neuburg/Donau, 29th of June - 13.00-17.00

Neuburg litter clearance, Excursions and Flow Simulation: Youth and children are invited to participate in cleaning up the city’s river banks or to take part in excursions through the Danube floodplains - LfU will join the tours and offer insights about the importance of sediment in the Danube. In the afternoon, the public is invited to attend the the ”inauguration” of a Danube Wild Island at the Boathouse in Neuburg, where TUM will present an interactive sandbox simulating water flowing through a river, where participants can learn how changes in topography and river morphology influence the movement of water through the river and riparian area.


Photo credits: Gugerell - CC0 (top) and Hanna Skiba (bottom)


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)