FORESDA - Capitalisation Events ARE Important!


In April this year the workshop about wood construction in Danube countries took place in Linz, Austria. It was organized as a part of the roadmapping activities within Interreg DanuBioValNet project. The workshop brought together industry, technology, market experts, cluster managers and policy makers from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania and other Danube region countries, who discussed future trends and upcoming legislation related to Wood construction issues. Discussions also addressed gaps in the provision of services related to wood construction and missing linkages associated with knowledge development. The objective was to gain insight into trends that will impact products and markets as well as opportunities and challenges for organisations active in the industry, confirming once again that the capitalisation events can significantly contribute to the implementation of all involved projects by bringing fresh ideas and insights of all relevant stakeholders. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)