FORESDA - How to Reduce the Energy Consumption by Oscillation Drying of Wood


Within the Third Professional Conference "Wood Industry and Forestry of Serbia", held in City of Niš in April this year, a round table was held on the topic – Wood Drying. In addition to the representatives of the Faculty of Forestry, as the organizer of the conference, a moderator of this round table was a representative of the Nigos-electronic company, which is the leader in the production of wood drying equipment in the region. Company representatives of the most important furniture and wood products participated in the conference, showing special interest to the topics related to the drying technologies (conventional vs dehumidifying kilns) and problems in hardwoods drying. In addition, the concept of oscillation drying was presented, explaining the significance of improvement of the drying quality and reduction of energy consumption to the participants. Intensive testing of the software needed for realization of oscillation drying takes place both at the Faculty of Forestry and in company Nigos-electronic, as part of the regional pilot innovation environment concepts of FORESDA Interreg project.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)