Linking Danube - A major step towards system deployment


The model implementation, the so called Service Model of the interface that will connect the different local, regional and national systems to a common, but de-centralised journey planning system (the Danube Region Journey Planner) is finalised. This is a crucial step as the Service Model will support and guide the local developers at the different systems in the countries being extended through the common interface.

The crucial project meeting of the LinkingDanube project was held in Bucharest, Romania on 7th of May and it was mainly aimed at discussing status and further actions towards project outputs.

Regarding the WP5 Technical Development the discussions between the partners were focused mainly on the interface specifications related to the application for traveller information services in the Danube Region (Danube Region Journey Planner).  Travellers, cross-border commuters and other end users will be offered information from various national sources, thereby making the Danube Region Journey Planner a one-stop shop for traveller information services, available as mobile app and web service.

As WP5 is the most intensive and crucial WP in this phase a dedicated meeting was held with the WP5 experts to discuss and to take final decisions on the Service Model (model implementation of the open API) and the WP5 Deployment Specifications.



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)