Made in Danube - Registration Open! Made in Danube Technology Transfer Training on 29th of May 2018.


The Made in Danube Consortium is inviting you to join its Technology Transfer Training in Kolíňany, Slovakia.

Made in Danube project decided to improve the framework conditions for innovation by supporting the collaboration process between companies and RTO in the innovation-driven field of bio economy. The development of new products and innovative services by companies in the Danube Region, especially SMEs, requires the access to scientific and applied research knowledge combined with innovation expertise.


After this training the participants will be able to overview the main trend, challenges and the channels of the technology transfer processes and get effective and efficient methods, tips in their hands to manage the technology process successfully in the future to bridge the gap between R&D, innovation and business creation. In the course of the training the participants will have the possibility of sharing the best practices and experiences related to this area to each other and draw the main lessons learnt from this courses, which all participant can take into practice. This training will also include delivery training materials (in form of Handbook related to the topic), which are available not only for intramural learning but online or e-learning as well.

IMPORTANT! Prior to the event participants have the possibility to submit technology requests or offers to the organiser. Some of the submitted ideas will be presented and discussed during the workshop session.


SUA University Farm in Kolíňany (VPP SPU, s.r.o. Kolíňany), 951 78 Kolíňany 561, Slovakia.

Language of the training:

Slovak / English (translation ensured)

Agenda & Registration

Agenda is available here.


Contact person for any questions regarding the event:

Name: Ms. Danka Moravčíková


Telephone: +421 918 815573


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)