DriDanube - Let’s talk about drought


Today, 9 April 2018, we are releasing a new video about the DriDanube project.

DriDanube project’s main goal is to move towards more efficient and operative drought management in the Danube region. It is bringing awareness about drought risks and impacts that the Danube region is and will be facing in the future and is providing solutions to better address drought challenges in the future.

Drought is still not getting enough attention in the region at all levels (political, operational, general public etc.) so one of the tasks for the project is also to raise awareness about the drought issue and its possible solutions. Our video is aiming for this as well – to focus on drought and to start talking about drought.   

The video is presenting the problem of drought through the series of significant impacts on various sectors throughout the Danube region during the latest drought in 2017 (you can read more in our article about Drought 2017) and through the maps that show a growing tendency of the phenomenon in the region.

The major part of the video is devoted to presenting the four main areas of the project: drought risk assessment, drought impact assessment, drought user service which will connect all the tools that the project is developing and the DriDanube strategy which will give clear guidance for better and more proactive drought management in the region.

The project is presented through eyes of some of our project partners while the project outputs will be the work of the whole DriDanube team - 15 partners from 10 Danube countries and 8 Associated Strategic Partners.

Stay tuned for more of DriDanube but NOW, let’s talk about drought …

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)