FORESDA - EU Revision Of Forest Strategy


The EU Forest Strategy, published in September 2013, provides a coherent framework for better response to the new challenges facing forests and the forestry sector. The Strategy was a welcomed step forward to recognize the multifunctional role of sustainable forest management to respond to key societal challenges. The Strategy foresees a review to be carried out by 2018 to assess progress in its implementation. To kick-off the review of the EU Forest Strategy, the European Parliament AGRI, ITRE and ENVI Committees organised a joint public hearing on 4th December 2017. Its purpose was to assess progress in the implementation of the Forest Strategy and to hear the views of stakeholders on cross-cutting forest-related issues, such as rural development policy, the bioeconomy and innovation, climate change and biodiversity. Speakers had been invited from DG AGRI, the European Forest Institute, the Finnish Agriculture Ministry, the Confederation of European Forest Owners, State Forests (Poland), FERN and the expert group of the European Academics Science Advisory Council (EASAC). CEPF Vice-President Philipp zu Guttenberg gave a speech at the public hearing, sharing the expectations and visions of Europe’s forest owners. “Sustainable forest management is only viable if we approach it in a truly holistic way. Holistic means, trying to find a daily compromise, a balance. Maximization of one of the three known pillars inevitably leads to the collapse of the system”, said Mr zu Guttenberg. He continued by highlighting the multifunctional role of forests: “Our forests are in the best sense multitasking and multitalented ecosystems: They are oxygen producers, water collectors, and purifiers, soil stabilizers, home for a rich diversity of fauna and flora, landscape architect, recreational animator and education center for one of the most fascinating renewable resources: namely wood." At the end of his speech, Mr zu Guttenberg stressed the importance of bringing the Strategy to practice by the proper implementation: “We (forest owners) are convinced that the EU Forest Strategy could add much more to a balanced policy design if it is taken seriously.”

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)