CrowdStream - 1st stakeholder meeting in Tehnopolis, Nikšiž Montenegro


First Meeting with stakeholders (start-ups and other potential former, current and future crowdfunding users, NGOs…) was held on 1st of December in Tehnopolis, Nikšiž - Montenegro.

Moderator of the meeting was Drazen Zujovic, founder of the first start up in Montenegro - The meeting discussed the following topics: - Presentation of the CrowFunding to Mainstream Innovation project (CrowdStream), - Analysis of the current state of the country and the potential for creating an environment for developing innovations, - Better understanding of the problems and needs of local micro, small and medium enterprises that are in the process of seeking innovative financing with a focus on crowdfunding, - Development of ideas and a shared vision for the implementation of activities that involve the change or improvement of the legal framework in order to improve conditions for the development of crowdfunding at the national level, - identifying barriers in the crowdfunding process in Montenegro through practical examples.

The event was organized under the Crowd Funding to Mainstrean Innovation project (CrowdStream), which is financially supported through the Interreg DANUBE Transnational Program.



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)