DanubeSediment - Joint Measurement Campaign Compares Sediment Collection Methods


Within the past few months, the DanubeSediment project partners have met up along the Danube for three joint measurement campaigns. The first took place at a Bulgarian/Romanian section near Giurgiu/Ruse in August, the second in the Romanian-Serbian section near Kladovo, downstream of Iron Gate 1 in September. In November, the project partners met near Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria for the third measurement campaign.

During these campaigns, the partners compared their individual sediment measurement methods, e.g. for bedload and fine sediment sampling. This comparison enables the harmonization of sediment data collected within the work packages, which will flow into a Danube-wide sediment balance. A report on sediment monitoring methods will be available shortly.

Further pictures can be found in our photo gallery "Joint Measurement Campaign" . 



The photo shows the bedload sediment sampler of the Romanian partner to measure local bedload transport in the Danube River (Photo: Sandor Baranya).





Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler is shown that looks like a plastic sled with measures instruments attached to it.


The photo shows an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler that measures the total water transport to calculate the river discharge (Photo: Marlene Haimann).



Glass bottle with measurement instruments coming out of the top that holds water from the river, which is seen in the background






The photo shows the method of the Bulgarian partner to take water samples for suspended sediment analysis (Photo: Marlene Haimann).



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