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Final project partners meeting 


All the Project Partners gathered on 22nd of November 2021 for the last time within WOMEN IN BUSINESS project. We are happy that we had a chance to work together and to achieve so valuable results for improvement of young women entrepreneurship in the Danube region.

Even the project closure, we stay quite possitive that we will have an opportunity to continue our join work and we will continue supporting women entrepreneurs through Women Entreprenership Centres and through improving of the business environment on policy level.



what have we done during the last months?






The Transnational study of consequences for Covid-19 to female entrepreneurship analyses and synthesizes the state of the art when it comes to economic and social consequences from pandemic to women entrepreneurship in nine countries of the Danube region: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovenia. In this manner, the Study enables project partners and relevant stakeholders to elaborate evidence-based strategies to deal with the impact of youth challenges, their unemployment and prospects that can be found in entrepreneurial endeavours.



The Transnational Report on available policy instruments to support for fighting the negative consequences for women entrepreneurs from Covid-19 is developed within WOMEN IN BUSINESS project. It includes a short review of the provided measures in each of the nine Danube region countries and detailed information of most used ones. Some key findings are outlined.


The full versions of both Reports are available in section "Publications"



policy guide on young women entrepreneurship support


We would like to bring to the attention to all interested policy makers, national public authorities, international organizations and interest groups the Policy Guide on Young Women Entrepreneurship Support. It could help them to design policies and develop strategies for women entrepreneurship support, and to establish support infrastructure in the same field. It outlines the process for formulating an integrated national women entrepreneurship strategy and gives some directions on how to transfer/ implement some good practices for policy support.


The full text of the Guide could be found in the section "Publications"


women entrepreneurship centre: setting up, running, sustainability & labelling





Women Entrepreneurship Centre Guide: setting up and running is intended to help every interested institution to set up and run Women Entrepreneurship Centre. The model presented in it is based on indentified good practices in the field and pilot tested EWCs within the WOMEN IN BUSINESS project.

The document provides an overall insight and a detailed overview on activities of EWCs as well as guidance to partners on issues concerning activities: from brief description of benefits from the Centre, scope of activities, steps to be followed for setting and running of EWC. Special focus is made on planning and development of EWCs.


In order to ensure sustainability of EWCs, including those already established under the project, the project partners elaborated a Strategy for sustainability of EWC. It takes a broader approach and includes plans to build collaborative communities that foster both social connectivity and economic change, to attract diverse members with heterogeneous knowledge which can collaborate and exchange knowledge and to localize global entrepreneurial culture, supporting the diversification of national/ regional economies.

In total, the Strategy comprises three main objectives, and 12 associated actions:

  • Objective 1: Build and maintain live user community and interest;
  • Objective 2: Build and maintain appropriate partnerships;
  • Objective 3: Communicate effectively with users and deliver value.

If you are interested in becoming part of our EWC network, you could check what criteria and procedures to follow presented in the Label of Women Entrepreneurship Centre.  The Label provides an overall insight and a detailed overview also on specifics of EWCs, maintenance and renewed of the label, financial conditions, and visual identity to be followed.

The EWC Quality Label enables the measurement of conformity of an organisation to the WOMEN IN BUSINESS model. The purpose of the criteria is to provide an assurance that certified organisations meet standards in terms of their service offering and performance.


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