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Dear partners, associates and supporters of lifelineMDD,

despite the challenges we are still facing, we managed to find ways to adapt to this new world and to stay connected. We successfully continued working on the lifelineMDD project and want to thank you for being a part of it!

Our first lifelineMDD video is out! You can find it on our YouTube channel and subtitles are available in English, German, Slovenian, Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian.


It is all about the birds!


Between April and June 2021, the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation together with external contractor DOPPS, Birdlife Slovenia, went out on the field for the first yearly river bird census in Slovenia. Bird monitoring was done on Mura, Drava and Danube in Croatia in June 2021 by WWF Adria’s external contractor Ivan Grlica. Read more about the bird census in Slovenia and in Croatia.









With June 2021 and the first workshops to develop the mission statement and management plan, the Biosphere Reserve Lower Mura Valley is now taking concrete shape. What is it all about and what are the next steps, find out more on the link.








The Public Institution for Management of Nature Protected Areas in Varaždin County has developed an educational picture book about river birds and their habitats on the river Drava in this county. The Picture book is the first part of didactic materials that will be developed throughout the project and it is intended for use in the River's Cool.



Local awareness event for the protection of amphibians in the Mura Biosphere Reserve


Amphibians are considered one of the most endangered animal groups today, especially because of habitat loss. Mura Biosphere Reserve is an important area of preserved wetlands, where amphibians find their natural habitat. The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation (IRSNC) participates with its activities within lifelineMDD in the protection of amphibians against mass run-ups (black spots) in the Mura Biosphere Reserve. Read more!



World Water Day


This year's World Water Day was all about valuing water and how we can better protect this vital resource. Although essential, water ecosystems are often put aside and people forget how easily we can lose the privilege of clean drinking water, but also of clean free-flowing rivers that surround us. Read more about our activities in lifelineMDD and how you can help!

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Mura river training structures mapping in the field


In February 2021, the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation went on a two-day fieldwork with the purpose of river training structures mapping on two stretches of the Mura River in Slovenia, with the aim of mapping bank areas suitable as breeding habitats for birds as well as existing grey infrastructure for bank or riverbed protection. Read more about the activity.



Coop MDD and lifelineMDD presented at the 5th EUSAIR Forum


The Fifth Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) took place as a hybrid event under the slogan Strengthening the resilience of the Adriatic and Ionian Region through cooperation. Projects COOP MDD and lifelineMDD were presented and recognized as great achievements in bringing cross-border communities closer together and introducing new policies and practices through transnational exchanges. To learn more, visit the EUSAIR official website.


Fifty years of efforts for preserving valuable water sources through wetland restoration


We celebrated World Wetlands Day by honouring this very distinct and important ecosystem and valuable ally for preserving freshwater sources and creating a future in which water is available to everyone. Did you know that of the total amount of water on Earth, only 2.5% is freshwater, of which less than 1% is usable? Find out more!

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